Porch – (Thinking Back To Summer Stones/Winter Tabletops)

"Porch" (painting by Jason Martin, from GOING ON SOMEWHERE)


The porch pulled them to its side,
invited nestling upon shaded planks,
recalled cool soft times, clover in fields,
the day she cut his hair, and then they picked
out smooth flat stones,
and lined them along its surface, thick with
years of knobby deck paint.  Against it,
the stones shone like perfect moons to plant upon
winter table tops, reminders
that nights sown by fireflies
were going on somewhere, some time.


This is an older poem posted for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night and the Promising Poets Rally.   The painting is by Jason Martin (and, sorry, the color is a bit garish here.)   It is on the cover of my book of poetry, Going on Somewhere,  available on Amazon and elsewhere.  Check out the book where you can see the painting in much truer color!

PS – if anyone’s counting, I’m going to have to write a new poem today in honor of Nat’l Poetry Month, but wasn’t so pleased with yesterday’s creation, so didn’t want to WASTE an open link nigh on it!  Have to see what arises tonight! K.

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35 Comments on “Porch – (Thinking Back To Summer Stones/Winter Tabletops)”

  1. claudia Says:

    very cool capture k. – i always wanted to live in a house with a porch from the day i saw pippi longstocking for the first time…and then of course with a horse and a monkey and..but that’s another story…smiles…lovely atmosphere with the warmth and the fireflies…nice..

  2. ManicDdaily Says:

    Yes, it would be much better with a monkey! Well, a GOOD monkey! k.

  3. brian miller Says:

    nice…always summer nights somewhere…i wish front porches were on every house you know…got lots of memories there and chased a few fireflies in my day as well…cool textures with the porch and the stones…

  4. jenneandrews Says:

    A beautiful poem– evocative and rich with detail– hope you’re well, Karin! xxxj http://parolavivace.blogspot.com

  5. ManicDdaily Says:

    Thanks, Jeanne. I’m okay.

  6. peterwilkin Says:

    I love this poem ~ I could feel the knock of the wood, the textures &, above all, the realness of the relationship ~ I saw/felt/heard snips of his hair tumbling softly onto the decking ~ & I watched as the fireflies whizzed through the night, ‘somewhere, some time.’ Beautiful!

  7. markwindham Says:

    ‘stones shone like perfect moons’ great sound and feel in that line.

  8. hedgewitch Says:

    This is really a poem of intimacy–much more than many full of lips and hips and other body parts–there is a closeness, and a warmth that comes from a shared life. Beautiful mood–love the last lines especially. You’ve done some excellent work here getting that across so simply and in so few lines.

  9. Yousei Hime Says:

    I want to watch fireflies from that porch. I love places steeped in memories. Beautiful writing.

  10. Margaret Says:

    nights sown by fireflies

    Yes, porches are lovely and need to make a comeback!

  11. A lovely scene, K. Beautiful poem. Fireflies, porches, flat rocks, the moonlight. It’s all good!

  12. Great opening line. Love the image of the inviting porch, and the rest of the poem just unfurls, beautifully so.

    Great work here.

  13. I like the images you drew from the porch…it looks inviting and warm with memories ~

  14. C Rose Says:

    A great capture of words to the image, enjoyed this! ~ Rose

  15. This is so tender, so intimate – amazing how you have crafted that emotion with a few stones on a porch. Beautifully written…

  16. I love how you use touchstones to add the layers to the poem – it isn’t just the literal stones that harken to a time of fireflies but the everyday actions which do such a beautiful job of standing in for the major events, the heart of the relationship.

  17. This is a magical poem, taking me with a few words, a few brushstrokes, to a time and place that leaves me silent, serene, and – shall I say it? – happy.

  18. 1emeraldcity Says:

    Love the images here, especially the fireflies, bringing back my own childhood memories. Evocative write, filled with sensous visuals. Like it much!

  19. A very evocative write. The imagery teases meaning from the image with truly authentic emotion.

  20. Gigi Ann Says:

    Nice poem, and I am so looking forward to those fireflies, only a month or two away.

  21. Chazinator Says:

    This poem has that transparency and clarity that seems to bring not only self-awareness, but enjoyment at the creation of meaning from such known things made new again.

  22. ayala Says:

    A cool capture, Karin.

  23. kaykuala Says:

    …the stones shone like perfect moons to plant upon
    winter table tops, reminders
    that nights sown by fireflies…

    t looks so peaceful and pure, K! You did very well to emphasize on the presence of the stones. I could not just see but feel the shine of the moon and the ‘blinking’ of the fireflies. Great write!


  24. Jennifaye Says:

    Lovely poem and painting. The moon is always a great writing prompt. 🙂

  25. Cool. Definitely a good write! “thick with
    years of knobby deck paint.” = great imagery!

  26. ZQ Says:

    That was enjoyable…I was looking for my rocker 🙂

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