Open Link/Broken Link Poem – “Divorce”


After a couple of weeks away from job, time is short, so here is a short, older poem from GOING ON SOMEWHERE (check it out!) posted for dVerse Poets Pub open link night.


Starvation for love sands heart to sliver,
my daughter’s cheeks smell of her hours with the sitter:
too sweet.
Let me have a sip–

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23 Comments on “Open Link/Broken Link Poem – “Divorce””

  1. The picture and poem have a hummingbird look & feel, a sugar high complementing the sanded low.

  2. jenneandrews Says:

    Succinct, compelling imagery, KG– for me, it would always be a gulp and more and more. xxxj

  3. apoetryman Says:

    Ah yes I’ve been there ~ the sadness of it

  4. Pat Hatt Says:

    So true, going on somewhere all over, sad state of affairs indeed, bad choice of words, as I’m sure affairs led to many..haha

  5. Heaven Says:

    Sad and lonely times ~

  6. Painful even to imagine. For everyone concerned.

  7. Sad write—and a difficult time!

  8. claudia Says: captured a whole desert in such few words..well done…felt…

  9. brian Says:

    smiles…the hard of the opening line plays well against the softe of the second half…the love of a child is def sweet though hard to quench the loneliness of the other…

  10. tashtoo Says:

    uggg! This little write equaled a punch to the gut in the amount of sadness you were able to portray…and in so few words! My mind was flooded with imagery, and my heart hangs heavy.

  11. hedgewitch Says:

    Sometimes the less said, the more felt, as here. A fine one, Karin.

  12. ayala Says:

    Sad…and difficult. Nice write.

  13. David King Says:

    Brave write. Admirable. Should win you friends.

  14. hobgoblin2011 Says:

    I like how you blent the sad and the positive, yet used that very happiness to amplify the sadness. Well done in so few lines. Great job. Thanks

  15. ladynyo Says:

    Oh! this is gut wrenching. Sad, but the prescence of a child is the redemption…especially after divorce.

    Powerful poem in so few words.

    Lady Nyo

  16. tinkwelborn Says:

    very moving piece…saddens.
    the bid D sucks…took me a year at least to get over, maybe more.
    It still leaves an aftertaste in my memory.


    enjoyed your short, piercing poem

  17. You painted a mural in less than 25 words. Quite the piece…
    Mark Butkus

  18. Ravenblack Says:

    There’s a sadness of a child being left in the care of someone. There’s the feeling of having missing the child and wanting to comfort for both narrator and child. Title suggests a lot of pain. Much portrayed in a few lines. Thanks for sharing this.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      You know, it’s very interesting. Part of the “too sweetness” I meant referred to the way one’s child literally smells after being in someone else’s home or care. Not bad–but just different than normal–you know with a heavier perfume, perhaps, or a scent of a different kind of cuisine.

      Of course, there’s the other sweetness of just the child as well.

      I felt like I could make it longer to bring in the specifics of smells, but I didn’t really want to make the poem more wordy. K>

  19. morning Says:

    apt piece.
    well done.

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