Bootcamp Drawing

I am lucky enough to be taking “Bootcamp Drawing,” an online drawing course with Peter Hristoff, an artist and professor at School of Visual Arts.  Peter encourages those taking the class to expand their limits through quick and free drawing—you don’t have time to get intimidated or to step behind some artistic pose.  (Only the models, who are absolutely terrific, are posing!)  

It is a marvelous class.  Peter uses artifacts, wonderful models and prompts from poetry as objects of drawing. He offers a great deal of quiet inspiration and kind encouragement. 

In any case, here are a few of the drawings I’ve done in some of the recent zoom classes.  (One does a great many in each class, as they are done in time frames from 20 seconds to two minutes so. Note, however, that many quick drawings are rather randomly layered.) In any case, I’ll just post a few now, and maybe a few others in the future.

I hope they can encourage others to reach out—and take Peter Hristoff’s zoom classes at SVA! (He teaches Bootcamp Drawing, the Vigorous Figure, Inventory Drawing, A Metropolitan Museum Drawing class.)

Take care! 

(All rights—such as they are—reserved!)

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3 Comments on “Bootcamp Drawing”

  1. grammalynn Says:

    I can already see the teaching you’ve absorbed from Hristoff!  Gre

  2. Helen Says:

    You must know how much I enjoy your art and poetry ~~ each of these drawings is like a stepping stone to a story or a poem! Cheers.

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