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“Vi(r)gilant” Friday Flash 55

January 4, 2013



My rearing more classical
than equine,
I never understood why
you shouldn’t look a gift horse
in the mouth.

Especially if you wanted
to scope out
hiding Greeks.

I imagined peering down the maned
gullet, muzzle cocked, as I stood upon
a chair in High School English, faces
in the dark chest cavity torchlit,

55 true and slightly toothless words for the wonderful (and very tricky) G-Man.  Have a great week-end!

PS – Virgil here is author of the Aeneid, which, along with Homer’s Odyssey, is the main source of Trojan Horse story.  I had to read the Aeneid in college, not high school, but I learned the story well before college – maybe even from cartoons!   (As always, all rights reserved on drawings as well as words.  Love to have people use, but please ask and credit!)