Trying To Keep It Light On Election Day! (Sonnet) (Not Nano-ing At this Exact Moment)


Before the sky, a lovely pale, a boy,
tall on glistening grass, tosses a ball,
and I wonder why it is that joy
is not simply inhaled.  Is it the Fall
that keeps us from feeling how it lines
the air we breathe?  Is it that first loss
that keeps us toiling within the confines
of our skins, unheeding unhidden cost?
A soft haze, like a blessing, nestles on
the sea, mutes the horizon, brings the far near.
So much within reach.  The brain wrestles on
its hardscrabble way, yet slowly fear
unwinds, diminished by sky, sea, view.
An inner hand makes the catch, more too.


Ah.  Why is it that joy is not simply inhaled?

In my case, it is partly because I am endlessly fretting.  This evening, the eve of the election, however, I  am feeling so much better–so very much more joyful –  because I’ve made a committment to get up super early and get myself to a swing state where I will work as a poll monitor, helping to people to avoid being disenfranchised.   So hopefully I’ll be able to get where I am supposed to be, and hopefully you will to!

The above is an older sonnet which, if I have access to internet, I also hope to link to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night.  (And I’m sorry the pic’s not the sea!)

And yes, I’m trying to take a break from blogging for Nanowrimo – and I will!  But for here and now, a wonderful and open-hearted day to all.  Take care, and may we all get some peace, wisdom, and sense of unity and pride from all this.  Thanks much.

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36 Comments on “Trying To Keep It Light On Election Day! (Sonnet) (Not Nano-ing At this Exact Moment)”

  1. brian miller Says:

    love how you use the boy to set up your question….at that age joy is so much easier to find because we have not cluttered the way to it you know….i like how you come back in the end…as for me that is the little boy in us trying to get out…

  2. Mary Says:

    I love the way you set this scene with the boy and his ball. I love that the haze brings the far near….within reach. Can picture that. And nicely concluded that the fear diminishes and back to the inner hand making the catch, bringing the poem full circle.

  3. janehewey Says:

    this is beautiful, karin. I love the questions you pose and dearly love the line: “a soft haze, like a blessing, nestles on” ~It’ll be tomorrow soon enough.

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    A lovely and comforting sonnet, karin, and of course as good ones always are, thoughtful and musical both. You are a pearl to go out and work at the polls in the middle of your own chaos, and as both an Obama supporter and a person, I can’t thank you enough. We just got home from voting ourselves, and frankly, if there is some tremendous enthusiasm on the repub side it isn’t showing outwardly here in Red Stateland via political signs(I’ve seen 2 apiece for Romney and Obama,) bumper stickers(ditto) and long lines at the polls (not.) I hope this quiet is a good omen. Safe travels, karin, and a great experience to you tonight, as I sit in front of the tv gnawing my fingernails.

  5. What a great question you ask! Why is joy not simply inhaled–I think for some people it is–my husband seems to have that quality about him—I am also doing NanoWriMo–look for me and I will add you to my buddy list if you do that–

    Audrey Howitt

  6. Sabio Lantz Says:

    Hope your poll work went well and you found your way.

  7. leahJlynn Says:

    Simply a great write,

  8. Miriam E. Says:

    this is very beautiful. loved your last line!
    (and it is a picture of the sea… just a grassy one. 🙂 )
    wonderful poem.

  9. PJF Sayers Says:

    I often wonder why joy can’t be inhaled, Karin. A very beautiful sonnet, you go girl… hope things are settling for you and yours.


  10. Steve King Says:

    toiling within the confines/ of our skins,

    Boy, ain’t it the truth. Joy should be the easiest thing…a great idea behind this poem, and great execution in the form. I enjoyed this thoughtful and provocative piece a great deal. I hope your day working the polls was productive and satisfying.

  11. ayala Says:

    Nice piece. Thank you for volunteering that’s awesome .

  12. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, if you could inhale joy but then, I guess we all can, if we see it as such in each fresh breath of air we take.
    Loved this. I hope the best person for the job, wins! Well done for helping out too 🙂

  13. Serena Says:

    Sometimes a poem seems to exist to celebrate one line… that line here is of course… I wonder why it is that joy is not simply inhaled. That is so beautiful and inspiring. It just jumped out at me and made me catch my breath… I’m inspired to write and sing and dance and celebrate! Lovely images…

  14. Susan Says:

    This is not light, really, though it is Light. I’m grateful for the work you do for a fair election. I am too tired after the effort, which you can see a bit of over at my place:

  15. claudia Says:

    love the image with the boy, tossing a ball…and often wish this child-like ease and joy of life back…cause i tend to think way too much…and that spoils the fun sometimes…ha…great on working as a poll monitor today…hope you had a good day and everything went well

  16. Your candor and honesty touch my heart. And your poem is simply a pleasure.

  17. othermary Says:

    Lovely, sonnet, and a good question. I really like, ” The brain wrestles on
    its hardscrabble way, yet slowly fear
    unwinds, diminished by sky, sea, view.”
    And kudos to you for working the polls! :o)

  18. apshilling Says:

    I hear people are still queueing – so you’re doing a great job!
    Love the formatting and the dynamics of the content communicate
    V.well – making a satisfying shape in my mind 🙂

  19. wolfsrosebud Says:

    so intense and somewhat pleading…

  20. ladynyo Says:

    You just gladden my day with your poetry and vision…and that volunteering with what you have just been through?? Well, you stand amongst the best of people, Karin.

    Politics aside, you exude a humanism that gladdens my heart: makes me realize that people like you are not scarce but in full measure of what is GOOD.

    Thank you, Karin…..I needed this example today.

    Lady Nyo

  21. hedgewitch Says:

    Thinking of you as this awful weather descends up there, k–hope you come through it safe and sound, and manage to get some rest after a very hectic few days.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much. You know I am truly blessed here – many are suffering, but although it’s blowing and messy, there’s heat, light, water and internet in my neck of the woods. I am super behind on all fronts, but all is my own doing! Thanks much though for your kind words and concern. k.

  22. why is joy not simply inhaled…why indeed? Beautiful images and a heartwarming poem..thanks

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