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A Curse Upon

May 29, 2014

A Curse Upon

A curse upon my make-do heart,
that pursed-lips part
that controls the whole,
taking its toll.

A hex upon her
who sets the bar
barring the exit ramp,
sits her double-knits
in the collection booth
(taking the toll).

The make-do heart
that makes my s-peg parts
the square hole,
makes my whole
be still and be quiet,
binds me to a diet
of regurgitated shell–
she means well,
like a brooding mother–
but when, as moving dot
on that fixed spot,
I hear the knell
of hours passed,
whole years–
oh, I feel the toll.

Tube lights buzz above her/me,
while in the distance we
see glow.

A draft poem of sorts for Izzy Gruye’s very interesting Out of Standard prompt on Real Toads to write a poem as a curse.