An other trinity


An other trinity

Three is thee
and me and the other
me, which occasionally equals
more–that is, when Other You comes to the fore, slips
through the door, pours itself
into that “now” so full
of you, me,
and Other Me.  Yes, I
know it’s not fair.  Other You too should
feel free to be here, should know that space will be made
in the shaded crook of my breastbone
(or hers), but don’t you see–
I only
have two arms, and one must
keep hold of that Other Me, which means
I’ve only the one side left (or right).  So…sorry–
hope you understand–um–and You too–
whom I do love truly.
(So does she.)


Here’s a “triquain,” for Kerry O’Connor’s prompt on With Real Toads.  This is a new form with a syllabic breakdown of lines, developed by Shelley Cephas.   I think this one would be “triquain swirl.”

The rather silly drawing is mine–no good eraser handy! so sorry for the smudges–but you probably get the point.

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19 Comments on “An other trinity”

  1. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    What a variation on the dramatic monologue! I love it. The flow of lines creates the hesitations and quick elaborations so well, I think. Your subject is one can relate to (being a pesky Gemini).
    I really admire your phrasing here:
    space will be made
    in the shaded crook of my breastbone
    (or hers)

  2. claudia Says:

    ha – i think there exist multiple facets of each of us – and we make room for them as best as we can…

  3. Wow! There are so many of us, aren’t there? Do we really know ourselves…and others? Very cool, Karin.

  4. Yes we all have those double selves to carry along.. there are those that I prefer myself.. but the other are sometimes a useless luggage.. hope there’s no mister Hyde lurking inside …

  5. ZQ Says:

    Clever write…right!

  6. humbird Says:

    Ah, this is such art to existence of all ‘me’ simultaneously in present, almost impossible, but we are balancing, don’t we? ~ Enjoyed!

  7. We are all of us more than we appear! Nicely done!!

  8. Grace Says:

    How clever and imaginative K ~ I love the you, me, the other me perspective ~ I wish I had written this, smiles ~

  9. kaykuala Says:

    but don’t you see–
    I only have two arms

    One desires to do good but sometimes one is just helpless to do so. Nicely K!


  10. Susan Says:

    How I miss the elephant in this poem/character sketch! It must have once been a quartet.

  11. Sumana Roy Says:

    so delightful to read and thought provoking…

  12. grapeling Says:

    my brain wasn’t wrapping to the triquain rap today, but I do enjoy yours ~

  13. Marian Says:

    me, myself, and i… all Geminis 🙂

  14. Helen Says:


  15. hedgewitch Says:

    I really hope to be able to tackle this form soon–you make it flow and swirl nicely, k–and I can relate to all that Other stuff, which is so very hard to keep a good grip on, especially when hugging.

  16. othermary Says:

    Oh what abolutely triple-fun word play here. You’re so very clever!

  17. brian miller Says:

    it is like the multiverse, existing in one person….
    oy, form…not my friend…ha…this one seemed a bit twisty….

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