A Curse Upon

A Curse Upon

A curse upon my make-do heart,
that pursed-lips part
that controls the whole,
taking its toll.

A hex upon her
who sets the bar
barring the exit ramp,
sits her double-knits
in the collection booth
(taking the toll).

The make-do heart
that makes my s-peg parts
the square hole,
makes my whole
be still and be quiet,
binds me to a diet
of regurgitated shell–
she means well,
like a brooding mother–
but when, as moving dot
on that fixed spot,
I hear the knell
of hours passed,
whole years–
oh, I feel the toll.

Tube lights buzz above her/me,
while in the distance we
see glow.

A draft poem of sorts for Izzy Gruye’s very interesting Out of Standard prompt on Real Toads to write a poem as a curse.

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17 Comments on “A Curse Upon”

  1. Cool perspective on this one!

  2. brian miller Says:

    ha. i like the play on words that sound the same like hole and whole, bar and barring…i think the heart has our best interest, or at least preservation in mind…and will pull us along to places we may never have gone otherwise….s Peg…i found a few meanings on line from growth rate to cell production…interesting goose chase it sent me on…

  3. Such a great play on words, fun read.

  4. Helen Says:

    Setting the bar … THEN barring the exit ~ curses! (love the drawing)

  5. There is the acceptance of personal fallibility, and fallibility in others, and there is the railing against the things that will not change.

  6. Sherry Marr Says:

    I resonate with setting the bar, the make-do heart, the brooding mother……….wonderful poem!

  7. claudia Says:

    ha – no idea what s-pegs are but sometimes it’s just rough when people set the bar high and we feel we have to run that race too

  8. hedgewitch Says:

    An introspective reflection that leads one into a lot of different personal thoughts(for me) about that toll-taker inside, the one who both bars and protects the way(after all, tolls pay for the highway.) Really innovative word use in this, k, and lovely sounds as well, to make a whole about the holes in our wholeness.

  9. Kay Davies Says:

    All that time wasted trying to fit into the wrong hole because we think it’s what we “ought” to do, that we should “make do”!
    I loved this, k.

  10. kathy reed Says:

    Great, k; I could relate..like the acceptance part, yet sense the self talking many of us have to do in order to finally get over a hurdle.

  11. Anne Sexton Says:

    We do judge ourselves too harshly, expecting far too much “perfection.” In trying to be good enough or make ourselves behave, how much do we have to swallow our natural personalities and inclinations? We become our own mothers — that is to say, when they stop mothering us, we take over the job. Before you know it, we’ll be dead. Will we regret the “proper” roads we’ve chosen?

    I like your word play — the homophones and repetition. Love this line: “curse upon my make-do heart”

  12. Great drawing…Love the wordplay….sets the bar, barring the exit. I have a problem with accepting…I grumble at it

  13. isadoragruye Says:

    for some reason…I want to respond in the sassy voice of a drag queen crowned Miss Universe…”ohhh, grrl. thisbrings the shade, hunty” Or something just as amazing. I really enjoyed this from the first line to your last. Well done and viva la

  14. C.C. Says:

    I enjoyed the repeated but varied use of ‘toll.’

  15. grapeling Says:

    I hear the knell
    of hours passed,

    it’s this part that chills – the silent, quick passage, without note, until it’s behind us ~

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