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Work Product of Heavy Procrastinator (Long form Tic Tac Toe?) (Animation)

December 14, 2011

I post the above to show what a really determined procrastinator (with an iPad 2) can get up to.

Also to clarify that I really am not much of a perfectionist.

The above is not one of my better animations.  I did the whole thing, as they say, a– backwards.  Meaning that I didn’t consider what I was doing at the beginning and had to go back and fill in frames without the help of the “ghost” images of my animation app.  This method doesn’t work well and yet managed to take up an inordinate amount of time, much of which was to be spent cleaning my apartment to make room for guests and tree.

Oh well, I still have room in the closets.  (For the clutter, not the tree. Or guests. Sheesh.)

(P.S. if you like silliness, check out NOSE DIVE, novel by Karin Gustafson and Jonathan Segal, for a higher level of it.)