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In October 2016

October 7, 2016


In October 2016

The costume I’ve too long worn: compliance.

Once on an Indian train, in the creak
of mustard-dust plain, a student trying to find
some laudable use
for the 18 hours,  I asked the man across
the best quality in a woman.

He replied without beat/blink:  “submission.”

I’ve worn mine Western style, pulling
at the belt loops, bra droops, specializing
in bowed uplift.


Poem of sorts for Mama Zen’s prompt on Real Toads to write about the Halloween costume we may wear this year in 65 words or less.  Perhaps with more words I would have written of non-compliance!  The pic is mine from the Pergamon exhibit that was at the Metropolitan Museum in New York earlier this year. 



What Is It With Torpedoing Efforts For Peace? (Poem)

March 12, 2015

They like to make it seem as if there’s just one way.

What Is It With Torpedoing Efforts For Peace?

What is it with these tit-for-tatters,
who would tear the world to tatters?
Let-others-die-hard pipsqueak ratters
who strut about like big-league batters,
but want to strike pre-emptively,
talk “take-out” empty-headedly,
not caring if their bangs rat-tat
give rise to endless big hits back–
But I don’t have the tit for that
(for it’s not my head that carries fat)
and refuse to see more children sent
to hellish war by those hell-bent–

Only let me be little clearer–
there’s no good godly god holds dearer
one side’s missile over one side’s land,
this sand over that other sand–
so, don’t confuse a plan divine
with your bloody idiotic kind– 


Here’s a kind of irritated poem, probably linked belatedly and as a second poem to Real Toads Open Forum.  Thanks.

When you get older, you view everyone else as children.