You Learn

You Learn

You learn, if you’re lucky,
that no ‘happily ever before’
can be forged
from a ‘happily ever after,’ much less
an ‘okay now;’
childhood dance lessons not
retroactively rejectible,
nor will the mirror where hips swiveled
with an inner light.
Oh, heart, that wants its forehead soothed,
you must push
your own bangs back.

A poem that was 55 words first go; I am posting for the Real Toads Flash 55 poem, hosted by the wonderful Kerry O’Connor.  There were supposedly bonus points (ha!) available for using jumping off an aphorism from Daily Quotes, but all the aphorisms here are my own.   As is the drawing.  (All rights reserved.) 


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19 Comments on “You Learn”

  1. I love the way you played with the words in this poem. I love risk-taking, especially when considering the challenge you had. Well done, thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Sanaa Rizvi Says:

    Thats a beautiful drawing.. so heart-warming.. perhaps nothing is more important than being strong and following ones’s heart..!

    Well penned 😀

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    For me there is a mix of child and (sadder/wiser) adult here that really gives the poem such sweetness and such a feeling of things that can’t be changed by will or desire, from past to future, in the body, the mind, the heart, the world, how what has been is part and parcel of what is and will be–and it just is–I esp like the very simple feel of the ending, and the mirror that shines not from the inside–really so much here in 55–(amazing you wrote it 55 first time. Mine are always either 42 or 67.)

  4. Mama Zen Says:

    This is outstanding – no bonus points needed.

  5. For me, I sense such a feeling of regret…time lost and the motherless daughter…a sad but strong poem, K. Thank you…

  6. Sherry Marr Says:

    WOW! The heart that wants its forehead soothed, and pushing one’s own bangs back is just stellar. I am in deep admiration of this piece.

  7. kaykuala h Says:

    It appears here somewhat that a teenager’s activity is not going to bother his heart. Rightly so, K!


  8. I see this as the regrets of never being able to retrace your steps into the past. Time is tricky that way. The image of the heart with its bangs is very sweet.

  9. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    I’m not sure about there being actual bonus points on offer… but I am free with my gold stars for wisdom freely offered and as beautifully packaged as this is.

    Kudos for the excellent double meaning of the final 3 lines.

  10. coalblack Says:

    But I *want* to be able to retroactively eliminate dance lessons! 55 on the first go? I hate you. I always have to pare my first drafts down.

  11. jinksy Says:

    You’ve captured the poignant longing for childhood’s comfort lost to the adult…

  12. X Says:

    We have control of our own happiness, and to often give that power to others. We wait for the fairy tale, the prince or princess to come into our lives and make things better, when we can do that, regardless our circumstances.

  13. M Says:

    that inevitable “11” that shows up between our brows. pithy 55, k ~

  14. I love this…I needed it.
    “Oh, heart, that wants its forehead soothed,
    you must push
    your own bangs back.”

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