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Hurray For Academy for Awarding The King’s Speech Best Picture – Boo to the Academy for Using The King’s Speech as Best Picture Background

February 28, 2011

I gave in and watched a lot of the Academy Awards.  (I’m a sucker for ball gowns.  Anne Hathaway did her beautiful bubbly best to satisfy this weakness.)

The King’s Speech was a terrific film and one of the few I’ve actually seen so I was really glad that it swept up so many awards.  As a less- and-less secret tapdancer, I was especially happy to hear Colin Firth’s eloquent references to joyful bodily impulses.   (And as a long-time fan of Colin Firth–Team Darcy all the way!–I was really very pleased for him.)

But the use of George VI’s actual early World War II speech as a background to the difficulties of choosing a Best Picture winner was truly appalling.    Who came up with that idea?  What were they thinking of?    Is Hollywood really so solipsistic (and tone-deaf) as all that?    I have to hope that it was a small committee, a completely tasteless few.   Pretty goofy.