Fault Lines


Fault Lines

Mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa–
mostly, I say it sans latinate hoopla.
I’m sorry, my fault, like the big San Andreas,
cracks me in two–the scales that do weigh us
find me as lacking, as far from perfection,
as star from Mariana’s entrenched mid-section–
it’s not generalized failing–that much I know–
but what wrong I’ve done, I will not say now.

A poem of sorts for Mama Zen’s Words Count on With Real Toads--to write a confession in 65 words (or less.) Just made it, without title.

Process note–the Mariana’s Trench–deepest place in the ocean.

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16 Comments on “Fault Lines”

  1. Ha! I love this. I should be writing one of these – given the “feedback” I’ve been getting lately, hee hee.

  2. perfection is over rated
    and i dont know when
    we are too far gone.

  3. grapeling Says:

    love that final line ~

  4. Brendan Says:

    I love these confessions that the wrong has been great but we refuse to say exactly how. Poems have grown into obscenely thick Bibles this way. Thank god there’s a Mama Z with her cat-tailed whip of brevity.

  5. hedgewitch Says:

    I believe I once told you I had decided that if I were going to have one, my tombstone would read name, dates of birth and death and:”It was all my fault.” so you know I relate to this one–our own culpability somehow always looms more weightily than the factors that brought it on. I love the line about Mariana’s trenchant midsection.

  6. Trenchant – new word for me, Thanks.
    “I’m sorry, my fault, like the big San Andreas,
    cracks me in two–the scales that do weigh us
    find me as lacking, as far from perfection,
    as star from Mariana’s entrenched mid-section–” Marvelous!

  7. CC Champagne Says:

    I have to wonder if the failure is real, or imagined, judged by your own (probably too strict) standards… Love the flow of this… And the sort of comparison between the San Andreas fault and the Mariana trench… Inspired!

  8. Excellent! I love the originality of this, despite the confession being quite universal.

  9. Mama Zen Says:

    This is so cool! The rhythm reads flawlessly.

  10. claudia Says:

    ha – never apologize for anything… that seems to be the motto of some people i know – and others tend to apologize even for the things that is certainly not their fault – i haven’t found the perfect middle path yet..

  11. Susan Says:

    Ah. Yes. But we’ve got to take a break from “sorry” or it can become an annoying addiction. On another note, my high school students used to say “My Bad.” I tried to teach them mea culpa instead, but it didn’t take.

  12. Poet Laundry Says:

    Very cool and creative way you did this! We all have faults…I think it’s best just to admit it quickly and apologize when when of ours shows up.

  13. Oh I know the feeling….I seem to take the blame for everything….

  14. Ella Says:

    Bravo! I love how you did this~ Yes, I too attempt the middle path~

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