Tea Pickers (Munnar, Kerala)







Leaving the Western Ghats and Tea plantation area of Kerala this morning but wanted to post a few not very close pictures I took of tea pickers. They are all women. They wear big plastic sheets (bags?) tied at the waist for clothing. Maybe because of tea stains? They wear tump lines on their heads, the baskets on their backs. They seem to live in plantation housing. The tea workers were originally brought by the British from Tamil Nadu, a state just East of here, in order to work. My understanding is that current workers are descendants of the original workers.

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3 Comments on “Tea Pickers (Munnar, Kerala)”

  1. janehewey Says:

    The brilliant green! thank you.
    and thank you for stopping by my site, even while traveling the stretches of the world, I appreciate your words. ~jane

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Fascinating, and I love the ‘homemade’ look of the terraces–like things I used to build when afflicted with herbal remedies and lots of time on my hands. That green is incredibly intense. thanks for the details on the workers and system and backstory, as well.

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