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Flu (In the Coop)

January 23, 2014

Flu (In the Coop)

Who jammed that Bic
in my right ear?
What magpie mistakes my eye
for its best marble?

Rib cage so brittle that
Mortality barely rattles, then
marauds, gnawing joints
with equal-opportunity slaver–

I tell myself, batting him back,
how different I’ll be
when he’s pacified;
my mind, even as chest cough-quakes, says
“yeah, sure.”


Sorry for yet another flu poem.  And my husband says it’s too gloomy, that I really will be different when I recover.  Whatever.  Here’s 55 of the most plaintive for the G-man

Seventh Day of National Poetry Month – New Computer Poem

April 7, 2010

New Computer And Eye Issue

I’m afraid to say this seventh draft poem of National Poetry Month does not bode well.

New Computer

My new computer really hurts my eye.
It swirls, it’s quick, it does
a zillion tricks–sit up, play dead,
if I say “speak”, it speaks;
say “seek”, it finds;  still it puts
me in a very pricey bind–
this new computer really hurts my eye.

But when I try to write things out by hand,
my fingers won’t quite prise
the pen, at least won’t prise
it well; even signing my own name
takes clumsy thought–
which is why I really need this new laptop.

Besides, it beams, how it beams–
which seems to be the problem–all those beams–
like staring at the sun, Louis Quatorze
Medusa, Yoda’s cave that held the Force.
All that glisters is not gold,
but this bright screen has now been sold
to me, oh my, right retina, goodbye,
this lovely new computer hurts my eye.