Flu (In the Coop)

Flu (In the Coop)

Who jammed that Bic
in my right ear?
What magpie mistakes my eye
for its best marble?

Rib cage so brittle that
Mortality barely rattles, then
marauds, gnawing joints
with equal-opportunity slaver–

I tell myself, batting him back,
how different I’ll be
when he’s pacified;
my mind, even as chest cough-quakes, says
“yeah, sure.”


Sorry for yet another flu poem.  And my husband says it’s too gloomy, that I really will be different when I recover.  Whatever.  Here’s 55 of the most plaintive for the G-man

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9 Comments on “Flu (In the Coop)”

  1. I wish you a fast recovery. I loved the poem, though. 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    You are making me *really* glad I got that flu shot! This is exquisitely apt, artfully painful, from the Bic to the rattle of mortality in its cage. I hope you feel better soon, k, but you are sure getting some excellent writing out of being sick.

  3. claudia Says:

    oh i hope you’ll soon feel better and your elephant really looks as if the flu has hit him hard… more chicken soup…

  4. Ah… the flu sucks.. hope you feel better soon.

  5. Lindy Lee Says:

    You describe the gloom of the flu with identifying accuracy…

  6. brian miller Says:

    whew. k….this sounds brutal…ii hope you feel better soon…and i am kinda glad it cant reach thru the computer….

  7. Alice Audrey Says:

    It’s hard to see any future that’s worth while when you’re down for the count.

    Get well soon.

  8. G-Man Says:

    Dang Karin, is what you got Catchy?
    I’m sorry you are sick
    But I’m glad to see you back!!
    Sick or not, you still make me proud that you want to
    make me happy by having your great creativity on display
    at the Funfest…Thanks a million, get better please,
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. Teresa Says:

    So sorry you aren’t feeling well. Ironically, I wrote about someone who flew the coop, too. 🙂

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