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Leaving For Trip, Packed Light

April 3, 2013
Pearl Promises To Take Good Care of It.

Pearl Promises To Take Good Care of It.

Leaving For A Trip, Packed Light

Goodbye Husband.
Goodbye Dog.
Goodbye Computer.
(What!? Computer!?)

Long hug, Hubby.
Quick kiss, Pup.
(What!? Computer!?)

Internal digits finger
charging cord, covet
chromish cover,
as brain like a conjoined twin about
to be cut cries
clinging to its external memory–all those little rows
of iPhotos, white blocks of docs–
with the hardest of

Hubby hugs again, gently.

I leave tomorrow for a trip to India, but I left my house a couple of days ago on a rather circuitous way to the airport (i.e. stopping to work like mad in my office in NYC.) I decided, for lots and lots of good reasons, not to bring my laptop with me on the trip. Agh.

(PS Before anyone feels too sorry for me, I am lucky enough to have an IPad. It is a marvelous device, but a bit difficult for those, like me, whose vision is faulty. I am referring here to both inner vision, as well as the external kind.) (Ha.)