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Lead-In To Oscars (With Elephants). Buzz and Woody and….

February 26, 2011



Lead-In To Oscars: Black Swan (Elephant)

February 26, 2011

You can find them anywhere.


Lawrence of Arabia Sans Camel. (You Can Find Them Anywhere.)

February 22, 2011

Even in the Sahara?

The Sting (With Elephant). Surprise surprise….

February 21, 2011

You can find them anywhere.

Salute To Oscars (With Elephant).

February 20, 2011

Much has been made of Patton's devotion to his pit bull Willie (a/k/a William the Conqueror), but little is known of the General's wider ranging animal interests.

This is not really an old favorite, but when thinking of old Academy Award winners, image (modified) came to mind….

Enjoy the day.

An Oscar Race (With Elephant)

February 19, 2011

"Come on, guys!"

Oscars With Elephants Continued: “Gone With The …..”

February 17, 2011

With a little help from their friends.

PS – those are supposed to be wings.  I’m afraid the pair on the one elephant to the right looks a bit Eeyoresque.  I guess I wasn’t quite sure what wings looked like on elephants.