Like those flowers
by the side of the road in fall
that you see first
as blurred blue
but then find here
and here
and here
until they are all
that is everywhere,
so grief focuses, sharply,
as green recedes,
road fades,
and trees like shy teens try not
to be seen
and you know looking
at those blue blossoms
(even if it is not your parent
who has been lost)
that you will never be a child again, and that honestly
you have been one
your whole life long.



Poem that I will likely link to Real Toads Open Link Forum this week.  Very uncertain of line breaks, but so it goes– pic is mine. k.

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18 Comments on “Grief”

  1. This is so incredibly evocative, K! ❤️

  2. gillena Says:

    There is a pertinent revelation at the end of your poem. Really nice write

    much love…

  3. thotpurge Says:

    Beautifully written….

  4. oldegg Says:

    Beautiful and you are right of course part of us always remains the child we were, and we look back and remember how it felt and long to go back for so many reasons.

  5. Sherry Marr Says:

    I know that feeling, when a parent is lost, that we will never be a child again. I especially love those closing lines.

  6. scribblersdip Says:

    Stunning, absolutely stunning. The use of the repetition, “here” – it so resonates and it forces a focus, soft but sharp, and in comparison and contrast. Your carefully constructed form and words, the way you’ve noted the trees and then brought it round to children, and being a child, in some ways, – that innocence – and grief and grieving, is simply breath-taking and extremely sensitive. A poignant piece.

  7. Kerry Says:

    The last three lines are so, so true.

  8. So true, and maybe this is something we have known a long time.. but we cover up until it comes to the surface…

  9. kanzensakura Says:

    What Bjorn said. My mother died in June and it seems, everywhere I look and everywhere I feel, grief is there, like those blue flowers

  10. whimsygizmo Says:

    YES. This:
    “grief focuses, sharply,
    as green recedes”

  11. those delicate blue flowers and the flow of this poem – and the truth I recognize as I age – the child within always longs for the parent at certain times … we never outgrow that…

  12. Sigh, indeed. I had a big birthday recently. I looked around and thought, shouldn’t I have become a grown-up by now?

  13. Grief (and the way we react to loss time after time) becomes part of us, like those flowers become part of everything… The fading that never truly goes away and your use of repetition do such a great job at reminding us what is like…

  14. Marian Says:

    Oh, this just landed in my belly. How true and real, all of it, of grief. I don’t think it’s portrayed in your photo but I sometimes focus in on the chicory by the side of the road and elsewhere, scrappy blue-ish and perfect for the blues. Love.

  15. samba2017 Says:

    You just can’t avoid the grief feeling, so acceptance is the key hey? Thanks for sharing – writing is so cathartic. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about grief in case you have time to look? Wishing you a relaxing weekend, Sam 🙂

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