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Thankful for Steve Jobs, Tribute to iTunes

October 5, 2011
















Friday Night With iTunes

March 25, 2011

Gratitude for Steve Jobs – Unplugged

January 18, 2011

I like to think of myself as fairly technologically advanced.  This is primarily because I type well and practically live on a computer.

Even so, the one area where I’ve definitely been behind the curve is the  iPod.  I’ve never had one before my current iPhone.  I don’t much like ear phones (or ear buds).  My brain feels invaded by sound at close range;  the inner monologue gets panicky when drowned out.

So I was surprised tonight when I tried, for the second time, to use my iPhone as iPod at the gym and found it not to bother me.  I could hear my book on tape perfectly, without my brain feeling invaded.  I could get used to this, I thought, happily pumping small amounts of iron.  My enthusiasm even seemed to be catching, since the few other people I saw at the gym all seemed to smile at me.

On my way back to my apartment, however, as I took out the ear buds, I noticed that I had not plugged them into the iPhone properly and that they were playing at a relatively normal pitch, i.e. they were not broadcasting into my head but at large.  (As in no wonder the other people in the gym were smiling at me!)

A failed attempt.  Still it brings up what I truly wanted to write about tonight:  my gratitude to Steve Jobs, who has recently announced his decision to take another medical leave.

Even without using an iPod, Apple’s iTunes has been a major fixture of my life for the last several years.  My family and I have listened to endless music, pod casts, and audiobooks.   (I feel sometimes like a small child, getting solace from having the same books read to me again and again.)

But with the availability of so many iterations of music–different singers, composers, pianists, iTunes allows for broadened horizons as well as comfort food.

Then there are the computers themselves–so fast!  And pretty!  So many things that you can make with them!

A phone that you can draw with!  (See above.)

And the stock.  I was lucky enough to buy a few shares some time ago.  That act has made me look like a smart investor (even as so many other choices have tanked.)

So now, with the earpods out, but still listening to iTunes, I want to thank Steve Jobs, who has brought me comfort, fun, productivity, and all kinds of both mild and profound enrichment.  I wish him well.

(Disclosure–writer still owns some Apple stock.)