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City Lights Nights

June 24, 2014


City Lights Nights 

There’s a blue by night building’s edge
needs nothing electric
to neon.  My heart speaks ‘glow’ back,
sings the body eclectic.
But, Blue–
Though heart will pick and choose
its tack,
there’s no pick that will stop
darkling, the shut of day’s door’s wedge
on window-littered blacktop.



A very belated poem for Kerry O’ Connor’s wonderful ‘play it again Sam ‘ post on With Real Toads to write something in a Robert Herrick format.  I am also linking to the dVerse prompt by Marina Sofia about things that could shatter and rebuild one’s world—I don’t think this exactly fits, though it is about an evening world and how small beauties (or big ones such as sky), can lift and darken one’s moods.

I am sorry that I have been so terribly absent of late.  Very busy in my non-poetry life.  I miss you all!  k.

Ps I did not get a blue picture! Maybe tomorrow!