Wishing to Say “Goodnight Irene”, Instead Goodbye-Hello – The Evacuee’s Plaint

Above is the place where a driveway used to be.  This driveway belonged to an upstate house to which we fled when evacuated from Zone A of NYC before Hurricane Irene.

Which brings me to:

The Evacuee’s Plaint

From the frying pan into the fire,
the saltine into the soup,
the thick to the thin, the baby in the bathwater to the baby thrown-out
with the bath water–make that roiling water–
from puddled embankment to muddy rapids,
dim to dark,
maybe to absolutely,
the flooding to the washed-out.

It’s still raining here
where we’ve come
to be high
and dry.  All feet
are cold
and damp,
but with
five toes wriggling.
Make that ten.

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6 Comments on “Wishing to Say “Goodnight Irene”, Instead Goodbye-Hello – The Evacuee’s Plaint”

  1. Been there, done that. Hope you get back to normal quickly.

    My slam #9 entry: http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/dearest-john-2/

  2. make that tent,

    lovely expression of life’s high and low notes.

  3. Wyoming Diva Says:

    Hope you get warm soon!

  4. Morning Says:

    pray for hot air going your way.

  5. Such an uplifting look at some trying times…. try and keep those ten toes warm!!

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