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What She Pictured Then (Gogo Dancer)

April 6, 2015

What She Pictured Then (Gogo Dancer)

The boredom was what crushed most.  She pictured then
her nipples as satellites, revolving
around their own little–in her case–decent-
sized orbits, ignoring the long-lolling
blur below her cage, for the disco ball,
a million mirrored surfaces of death star
that held her as its ward of light and fall,
casting a fierce laser certain to sear
any worm of flesh that dared squiggle
slobber close, till even so fortified,
she could no longer linger in wiggle;
mind simply had to step away.  Then she tried
to find a way home, a spring when brown dead stalk
gleaned flakes of true star, late snow’s cold clean walk.


Here’s a drafty sort of poem–a sonnet (my go-to form when what I’m thinking of isn’t very poetic)–for the 6th day of this April 2015 National Poetry Month, and also my own prompt on With Real Toads to write about seeing stars.   I appreciate that squiggle and wiggle push the envelope in a way that could be deemed mocking here, which I do not mean, but hey!  this is a month of experimentation–