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Goldilocks With Just Two Bears

March 30, 2013


Goldilocks With Just Two Bears

She lived in zigs and zags,
ecstatic spurts and crying jags,
ejaculated joy at the start of study
of some new boy whose cheeks
were ruddy (though once his lessons
were fully mastered, his name tag morphed
to “frigging bastard.”)
Too cold, too hot, naught hit the spot
Or, if it did, soon turned to rot.

And though she longed for the middle way,
her balance still would always sway
towards the fasts, the slows,
the highs, the lows,
the extremes that she
could not forego.

The only middle that she found
was in between those two bears brown,
whose matted fur warmed both her sides,
whose porridge filled her up betides,
and taking in each hand a paw
(not deterred by sharp of claw),
she held on tight through day and night
through flight and height, through blight and bite,
keeping always in her sights
the coveted, but not, just-rights.


Posting the above for dVerse Poets Pub Poetics prompt hosted by Mary Kling to revamp some legendary, storybook or mythological figure.  Check out dVerse for wonderful poetry.

ps – as always, all rights reserved in text and pic.