Goldilocks With Just Two Bears


Goldilocks With Just Two Bears

She lived in zigs and zags,
ecstatic spurts and crying jags,
ejaculated joy at the start of study
of some new boy whose cheeks
were ruddy (though once his lessons
were fully mastered, his name tag morphed
to “frigging bastard.”)
Too cold, too hot, naught hit the spot
Or, if it did, soon turned to rot.

And though she longed for the middle way,
her balance still would always sway
towards the fasts, the slows,
the highs, the lows,
the extremes that she
could not forego.

The only middle that she found
was in between those two bears brown,
whose matted fur warmed both her sides,
whose porridge filled her up betides,
and taking in each hand a paw
(not deterred by sharp of claw),
she held on tight through day and night
through flight and height, through blight and bite,
keeping always in her sights
the coveted, but not, just-rights.


Posting the above for dVerse Poets Pub Poetics prompt hosted by Mary Kling to revamp some legendary, storybook or mythological figure.  Check out dVerse for wonderful poetry.

ps – as always, all rights reserved in text and pic.

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35 Comments on “Goldilocks With Just Two Bears”

  1. brian miller Says:

    that frigging bastard…ha…that is a bit of an interesting love triangle there….smiles….i would say this one swayed a bit hot…ha…

  2. claudia Says:

    smiles…glad she found a bit of balance and warmth with the bears in all her ups and downs and extremes…she reminded me a little bit of myself as a teenager…. i had a dog that held me in balance a bit..smiles

  3. claudia Says:

    ha…just read bri’s comment…i didn’t even think along that way… think i was just lured in by the warmth…smiles

  4. Some rather hot property happening here! It sizzles with innuendo behind innocent teenage confusions!

  5. It’s hard to bypass those extremes when you’re younger…always looking for an edge on which to balance… terrific stuff really well done… ah that Goldilocks where did she go! 🙂

  6. Mary Says:

    Oh, I really liked this version, Karin. It was fun to read aloud with the rhyming; and glad that she found a place for herself between the two bears. Sometimes ‘between’ is the place to be!

  7. Grace Says:

    Goodness, this is a gem K ~ We are always striving for balance, but in reality, we do go for extremes ~ Love the beat and rhyming words of the last verse ~

  8. Rowan Taw Says:

    Finding a balance is all well and good, but no good holding out for the perfect guy (bear) if we’re too picky!

  9. Mama Zen Says:

    though once his lessons
    were fully mastered, his name tag morphed
    to “frigging bastard”

    Ain’t that the truth? This is clever and hilarious, and I love it!

  10. zongrik Says:

    nice poetic say to tell this tale. 🙂

    Cinderella Limerick

  11. janehewey Says:

    this is fantastic fun, karin. I like your version with the two, it calls up a sort of gemini-goldilocks. one I can relate to. I’d like to say she is wiser in this version, I sense she is definitely older than the original Goldy. Fine work. Your rhythm is delightful.

  12. hedgewitch Says:

    Laughing, k–though it’s all too sadly true. Still, one has to learn to laugh at one’s youthful, and sometimes not-so-youthful foibles, or one would get dismal. Holding on to those two bears–cubs, I’m choosing to think–sounds like a good plan to me. I love the picture too–though I was very confused for about thirty seconds trying to make the bears into elephants. ;_)

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha–well, I confuse it is a recycling and combination of two very different drawings – the iPad allows for a fair amount of cheating which is great when one is pressed for time and skill! k.

  13. Wow–this is like a steamy Dr. Seuss. Loved.

  14. Sherry Marr Says:

    I enjoyed the lilt and rhyme of this, and the tale it told……cool response to the prompt:)

  15. It is true that more often we tend to want what we cannot have instead of what is good for us. Nicely done

  16. Oh this was great, always the middle guy missing. Very good

  17. Sabio Lantz Says:

    Hmmm, I read the comments but didn’t see anyone getting my impression:
    Wrestling with manic-depressive swings of moods and ways of being.
    I must say, I really enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm too!

  18. aka_andrea Says:

    well done, tight and sharp, love the humor in this

  19. Tony Maude Says:

    Fabulous use of rhythm and rhyme, Karin. Now we know why there had to be three bears….

  20. Kelvin S.M. Says:

    …to be honest been having difficulty understanding your poem Karin… it’s quite deep for me… i’d like to put my comment earlier but i’m afraid i don’t have the right words to express it… and i’m coming again to let you know i read yours & tried hard to dig it… maybe i should practice more & more in comprehensive reading… smiles… happy easter…

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Don’t worry. It is very much based on the telling of a story here and I doubt whether they tell the story in the same way in the Phillippines. You have to know the story well to get it – and not just the story, but our way of telling it. k.

      On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 10:58 AM, ManicDDaily

  21. Truedessa Says:

    I enjoyed this emotional display “she lived in zigs and zags” you have to watch those bears..

  22. aprille Says:

    Wonder what mama bear had to say about that …

  23. Myrna Says:

    Ha. What a great story. Makes me wonder if she can really trust the bears, or rather can she trust her own judgment.

  24. I think we can all see ourself in this unsteadiness and back & forth, lack of decisiveness yet, its the seeking that help us reach a choice ~wonderful wit!

  25. Very clever and well done!

  26. Panchali Says:

    An deeply engaging, witty, hilarious piece!! I think balance is so important — in every aspect of life.Lovely…

  27. Panchali Says:

    A deeply engaging, witty and hilarious piece!! I guess, balance is so important in every aspect of life–Lovely take…!

  28. Lindy Lee Says:

    Blonds do have more fun. Balance can wait until old age. More than clever word & rhyme scheme, as always in the ManicDaily style…

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