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Keyhole (At Some Time in Many Lives)

January 29, 2016

Keyhole (At Some Time in Many Lives)

the blur eddies
around a single truth
like a broken tooth

the well of the cavity
in its vacuum roar yelling (silently)
that he doesn’t love you–
or, he loves you
but just not that much–

your tongue longs to touch
the sore place, to explore
the rutted prongs, the darts
of the anti-Cupid

until the pain becomes
a habit–
you chew
around it, breath
in one-sided whistle, and yet
the tongue probes, sometimes
his, both avoiding and relishing
the quick
of naked nerve–

the pain is not your friend, no, not
your lover,
but at least a reliable
companion, one
who always shows up,
stays the night through,
eats breakfast with you–


Draft poem for Susie Clevenger’s prompt on Real Toads to write something inspired by the idea of a keyhole.  I’m sorry if I’ve missed returning any comments– a busy few days, but will catch up.  

The above is a picture I took at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York of a piece in their permanent collection;  unfortunately, I do not know the name of original photographer (though I’m guessing from the age of the photograph that it may not be under copyright.)  I will certainly take down upon request from copyright holder.