Not Exactly “Dog” Tired…


A crowd of wonderful, but somewhat stressful, events has left me deeply fatigued.  Enough so that I feel like I need to put at least a short-term halt on anything that is not immediately mandated.  This includes things I really love – like blogging.

I am pretty springy, so my break is likely to be brief.   But in the meantime, apologies to all to whom I owe I comments and thanks.  That means anyone reading this!  Thanks so much for your ongoing support.  Take care. k.

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9 Comments on “Not Exactly “Dog” Tired…”

  1. claudia Says:

    was just thinking about you.. good to hear that it were cheerful events that left you a bit tired…now join that elephant for a nice, deep sleep…and hope you wake refreshed and full of poetry..smiles

  2. brian miller Says:

    take a deep breath and just breathe k…we all need that at times…and i know the feeling somewhat…been traveling the last 4 weekends or having people over…told my wife this weekend we do nothing…smiles…rest well….

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks, Brian. I am really exhausted and my “day job” work life very demanding right now, along with these other family obligations. I am planning on doing the commenting at dVerse OLN, but I just feel too tired to do my own things. Though as noted I am a pretty springy person. k.

      • brian miller Says:

        i hear you…have a medicaid audit on monday…and prepping is killing me slowly…vacation late july seems so far away…smiles..hope you are getting some rest…

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    We’ll miss you till you perk back up again, k. Thanks for leaving us an elephant to remember you by till then. Get some rest.

  4. Will miss you! I wish you a speedy recovery of your energy and am glad that the source of your fatigue is generally positive stuff!

  5. Take care of you, we’ll all still be here to read you when you’re rested up a bit. health comes first before blogging! 🙂

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