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Elephant Break?

May 21, 2015

Hey all!

I love writing poems!  Frequently!   Largely thanks to you guys!

But I have long-standing projects on back burners.  I tend to neglect these when focusing on poetry.  (Especially since my employer also expects me to do stuff.)

In order to resuscitate the other projects (and relieve that slow burn–it really gets to me), I seem to need to take a formal break from blogging poetry.

So, here’s my plan.  I am going to try to take a break from posting poems, but I do hope to keep posting–mainly little drawings and such. (Probably complaints!)

But hopefully, they’ll be fun drawings/complaints.

Anyway, keep visiting!  (If interested.)  Not to make you feel obligated (ha!) but your support is very deeply appreciated!



Not Exactly “Dog” Tired…

June 3, 2012


A crowd of wonderful, but somewhat stressful, events has left me deeply fatigued.  Enough so that I feel like I need to put at least a short-term halt on anything that is not immediately mandated.  This includes things I really love – like blogging.

I am pretty springy, so my break is likely to be brief.   But in the meantime, apologies to all to whom I owe I comments and thanks.  That means anyone reading this!  Thanks so much for your ongoing support.  Take care. k.