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Ten Reasons To Be Thankful In 2009

November 25, 2009

1.  That Robert Pattinson was not in fact hit by a taxi fleeing fans in New York;

2.  and that he exists.

3.  That Lehman Brothers could only fall once;

4.  and that it didn’t happen this year.

5.  That our President (thank God!) has not been the subject of violent attack, despite all the crazy talk.

6.  That we still have a banking system, despite all the crazy talk.

7.  That Captain Sully Sullenberger did not allow his plane to crash into midtown Manhattan, even if the automatic pilot system supposedly could have landed the plane on its own.  (I don’t believe that.)

8.  That Levi Johnston is not our son-in-law.

9.  That Swine Flu has not mutated into a life-threatening epidemic like the 1917 Spanish Flu.

10.  Speaking of the 1917 Spanish Flu, that Edward Cullen didn’t  survive it.   Or did survive it.  Or did whatever he was supposed to have done.

Enjoy your thanks-giving.

And, as always, thank you all for reading.

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Inspiring Evening – Obama, Jeter, Jobs

September 9, 2009


Inspiring day/inspiring evening:  Obama delivers great and moving speech about health care.  (I never wanted this blog to be political, but when I hear Obama speak I can’t help but be appreciative.  How did we get so lucky?)

Jeter ties Lou Gehrig’s seventy-year record for hits as a Yankee.   (I don’t know enough about sports to blog about them, but when I see Jeter at bat, I can’t help but be appreciative.  Hurray, New York!)

Even Apple had something to contribute, with Steve Jobs making an appearance at an Apple conference, gaunt after his recent liver transplant, but full of sober gratitude.

I’m not in any way comparing the impact or importance of these events.  But there was something tremendously satisfying, even thrilling, about watching the footage of each of them,  all on the same evening.  Three guys doing their jobs so very well, but also with a workmanlike humility (even Steve Jobs);  three guys waiting through standing ovations, clearly moved at moments, then simply pushing ahead.   (Obama was probably a bit less moved by the ovations than Jobs or Jeter, the standing of congressman a form of literal posturing. )

Jeter’s modesty was especially impressive as he arrived at first base and  immediately bent to take off his shin protector.  Then, he seemed to quietly thank Tampa’s first basemen (who must have congratulated him), and then he simply waited as the crowd roared, twice raising his helmet, gently licking his lips, for the game to go on.

Jobs actually spoke of games in his interview, describing one of the new iPods as a video game device.  (Agh.)

And Obama, thankfully, delivered an opposite message, that the games about health care must stop.  (Though I was happy to hear him say it, I won’t hold my breath.)


Final added note:  I really hope that the substance of Obama’s speech does not get drowned in endless media discussion concerning the rudeness of  Republican Joe Wilson.     Unfortunately, 0ne can already hear it becoming the diversionary topic of the hour (or many many of them).