“Changing the Dialogue” – Flash Friday 55


Changing the Dialogue

“A rose by any other name–”
Shakespeare says–of
smells and sweetness.
But in an age of spin and
“handles” turn the top.
So, why not tell it like it is
(but freshly scented.)

Rename “pro-gun control” –
“pro-choice” – women’s fight
against governmental

“teachers and parents” – VIPs.


55 for the G-Man!

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19 Comments on ““Changing the Dialogue” – Flash Friday 55”

  1. brian miller Says:

    ha, thats a way to spin some phrases….it gets me that pro lifers are pro gun…seems there are some oxymorons out there…

  2. You are my 55 hero!!

    Pro-lifers aren’t really pro-life. They’re pro-birth. Why don’t we tell it like it is?

  3. You hit a lot of nails with this little #55 hammer, Karin. I totally agree–came to the conclusion a long time ago that you get a lot closer to the real meanings of terms if you discount 99% of what’s said publicly as inaccurate self-flattering hyperbolic propaganda, sometimes even if you flip the meaning, you are closer. I’d like to see things called the way they really are This is most clever, and sharp as a scalpel.

  4. rebecca2000 Says:

    Ohhh I really love this. You say a lot in a few words.

  5. Deborah Says:

    hhmmmm you’re a gem!

  6. heh-heh ~ anti-spin ~ fab 🙂

  7. David King Says:

    I’m for that, but it means I’d have to join the anti-brigades… or what about some pro-anti? That doesn”t sound quite so anti!

  8. You tell the truth powerfully! I’m with you.

  9. G-Man Says:

    Artist, Author, Humanitarian…Now Spin Doctor?
    You have it all Baby!
    And it’s an honour and joy to have you contribute your weekly Musings to the Friday Funfest.
    Loved your “Telling it like it Is” 55 Karin
    Thanks for playing, I really love the artwork, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  10. Mama Zen Says:

    This is so sharp! Love it!

  11. claudia Says:

    ha…freshly scented indeed…made me think…ugh..

  12. Luke Prater Says:

    right on… though those political labels don;t apply to the UK… I completely agree with you… the rhetoric coming esp from the Right is not just disgusting but misleading in its manipulation of language. ‘Pro-Life’ is so absurd. Of course, we have our own variety of political spin, just that there’s less right-wing, no guns, and no Church. And far less media like Fox helping with the propaganda. But politicians are often ridiculously counterfeit and spinning in 180s

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. Goes with the territory. You do have Murdoch! And even now all this stuff with the BBC. (I’m thinking Savile–is that his name?) Crazy. k.

      • Luke Prater Says:

        We have Murdoch’s icky papers (though they have been in a lot of trouble recently and two had to close down). The BBC is not actually who I was thinking of (the Savile case is outrageous! A real black mark on the BBC’s name.. still don;t know who let that all happen it was so long ago)… we have a tremendous number of good papers, and quality telejournalism for a country this size. Or any country. I couldn’t believe it when I came back after ten years in New Zealand. The reporters hammer at the politicians like a prosecuting attorney, blasting the vague, verbose political spin language back at them and forcing transparency. It’s wonderful to watch. But we also have laws that mean political parties must declare the source of all their monetary support, and it’s illegal for them to take money from some sources. Politicians have resigned many times for taking money (not even bribes, just donations) from bad sources (vested corp interests) or not disclosing where. And they resign often with other scandals, for eg. just recently a prominent member of the ruling party resigned after losing his temper with policemen blocking him from cycling into Downing St. (which is always heavily guarded), and called them ‘f**king plebs’ who should ‘know their place’. That was it. He denied it at first, of course. He’s gone now.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        In general, I think that you guys have a more piercing opposition, not quite as sound-bite oriented. Maybe it’s part of parliamentary type system, somehow.

      • Luke Prater Says:

        Yes… yet we do still have a unelected House of Lords… that said, they can be the sanest of everyone. They aren’t the very conservative, old-fashioned fuddy-duddies you might think and were a long time ago. Lords are appointed by the Queen at the recommendation of politicians and there are Lords young and old, Liberal, Conservative and Socialist. Some are even Green-minded. They often mitigate ridiculous policies the government are trying to push through. They will probably be aborted at some point but as long as I’ve watched, they’ve been a power for the good when often the actual ruling party (or Prime Minister, anyway) has not.

  13. Helen Dehner Says:

    Thumbs up … or should I say hashtags up!

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