Cut – Friday Flash 55



You justified coldness
as kind, and so, looked through me,
your body all back.

I remembered that, tonight,
identifying crow tracks
in the snow, not
the forked tread of crows’ feet–
the spread pleats
of wings,
slits in the white crust,
the featherweight push
of take-off.

How can we be
so cruel
in love?


Here’s a draft poem–I don’t really have it right–but it IS 55 words, so please go tell the G-Man

The picture–if you can make it out–are the indentation of crows’ wings in the snow–you can see marks of feet to the side (not the true tracks of the feet though–but where it pushed off).  If the pic doesn’t come out in your browser, please click on it, as it is kind of cool. 

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17 Comments on “Cut – Friday Flash 55”

  1. Powerful analogy. The pain is palpable.

  2. Such a vividly painful place—

  3. It is a very cool picture. Cool poem too. I have wondered the same thing, myself, so many times.

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    The tracks of leaving are always there somewhere–the phrase about being all back is so eloquent–there’s no pleading or reasoning with a retreating spine. Striking photo, too, K.

  5. brian miller Says:

    ouch on the last statement/question….
    is that really the mark of wings? cool…but the leaving
    in the poem, another ouch…
    i wonder sometimes at what we call love….

  6. G-Man Says:

    It may not be right for you
    But for me it’s perfect!
    And like I’ve told you before
    You have Free-Reign to write whatever
    Loved your chilly 55
    Thank you my friend for your fantastic support. I’m very honored
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  7. grapeling Says:

    no snow here so crows leave mcdonalds wrappers instead.

    well, love *is* a 4 letter word ~

  8. Steve King Says:

    This is a wonderful composition and an effortless analogy. You sketch an outline here in your few words, yet all of the meanings are evident and complete within in. Very moving and polished. Excellent.

  9. Indeed, why we use cruelty in love I will never understand– this piece really conveys the bitter pain. Thanks for sharing ~peace, Jason

  10. What you describe, of course, is the feeling of being subjected to hatred. It really hurts. And maybe that is why we never really pin point the basics of evil.

    That picture, by the way, is lovely. It really shows the traces of a crow having got cold feet.

  11. Mohana Says:

    “how can you be so cruel in love?”
    i wish i had an answer to that. Fine piece, Karen.

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