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Some Things Under the Moon

January 3, 2015


Some Things Under the Moon

The moon out,
the emptiness around leafless limbs
is lit,
their fractal stretch sketched,
while firs are read first
as the absence of tree
rather than its fullness;
only, after a careful stare
does the eye find the slant uplift of
night-black boughs.

So, I often mistake the world.

And so I vow, the next noon, to look
at other people as out
to teach me enlightenment
(all those others who were previously out
to bar my way.)

Amazing, then, how much better
we get along.


Another new year’s poem of sorts, thinking of the quotes of Susie Clevenger on With Real Toads (though I already linked a poem there, so will leave this be!)   Happy last New Year’s weekend before work onslaught begins!

The photo is not really right for the poem–as it doesn’t show a field of trees (!) but an old one that was closest I had.