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July 7, 2013



Bang bang bang
beat the conundrums,
timpani in my head,
tom-tom-tom and a dumdiddy dum,
with a side cowbell of dread.

Should I should I should I-ting–
Oh why oh why why why why why–bing!
Hiss siss siss
sighs the swirled snare,
boom boom bah
pounds the bass,
stretched skins trapping all care
in the rhythms of life’s chase.

Rum sounds a quest for the just and fair;
pum rumbles queries about my hair–
(what miracle might curve its flat to waves?)
bum swerves to whether Jesus saves.

Jig jig jig
jags each puzzle,
seesawing with the brums
of those fee-fie-foe diddy
fie-foe-fum fiddy
mind-numbing conun-drums.

Here’s a little draft ditty for Brian Miller’s prompt on puzzles on (dVerse Poets Pub.) I call it a draft because I haven’t really fixed the verse form.

Since posting, I’ve added a recording of the poem, since I have a particular rhythm in mind.  If you’d like to hear it, click below.