“To Ed Koch” (and certain other New Yorkers)


To Ed Koch, My New Yorker Aunt and Plenty of Others

There was a certain old-timey New Yorker who wasn’t shy
of picking up a discard on the curb (hopefully, before
the dogs took aim)–maybe a chair, a table, even a whole city–
(what’s it to you, buddy?) –hoisting it
in their arms, cleaning, polishing, making it
something anyone could be proud of, love–


A belated 55 to Ed Koch, who like my Aunt, and many long-term New Yorkers, knew how to take something at a low and make it wonderfully special.  They furnished their rent-controlled apartments, and even their lives, and others’ lives with such things – making the discarded (or bankrupt) function!  Please tell it to the G-Man. 

I didn’t always agree with Ed Koch, but could not help truly liking him and being very grateful for the energy and devotion and unapologetic chutzpah he gave to NYC.  

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8 Comments on ““To Ed Koch” (and certain other New Yorkers)”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Yup! Karin, nice piece.


  2. brian miller Says:

    smiles…gotta like those that can take cast offs and make something of them…whether furniture or people…smiles….

  3. G-Man Says:

    How’m I doin?

    Ya gotta love the guy, you could absolutely tell how much he loved NYC!!
    Cool post Karin.
    And what a gargantuan effort on your part to get your story in on time.
    Although for you Sweet Lady, all rules are suspended. You have Papal (G-Man) dispensation forever… Hehehe
    Loved your tribute 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Nice one! Brian Miller read my Koch limerick and sent me over to see your Koch post. 🙂

  5. And the vintage clothing stores in NYC are the best!

  6. Margaret Says:

    A beautiful tribute. I LOVE old furniture given a second chance by revamping it or just applying fresh paint.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks. It’s a very old-timey New Yorker thing to collect and somehow all the New Yorkers I know that furnished some of their apartments that way reminded me very much of Koch. k .

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