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From DC (oh country mine)

February 4, 2017

From DC

Oh country of the frozen chair,
so blue in 1960 air
that January asking not DC–
oh country I was barely three–

oh country of the stallion bearing
the backward boots
but three years

country of resurrection city
that muddy sea, that peaceful sea,
my childhood Washington, DC,
oh dream that clamored its own name
oh country of the flames

oh country mine that I have loved
that we’ve so wanted to be good
oh country we believed
so good
oh country of my green

oh country mine


Draftish sort of poem for Shay Simmon’s (Fireblossom’s) prompt on Real Toads to write something of indirect focus.  (I’m not phrasing that correctly.)  I did grow up in Washington, D.C., and attended both JFK’s inauguration and funeral.  Resurrection City was a large civil rights protest in DC in the spring of 1968; also called the Poor People’s March on Washington–