Tired of Computer. Six-Word Stories.


The wonderful poet Luke Prater has a great post up about six-word stories, including a most famous and fantastic one by Ernest Hemingway, as well as some terrific ones of his own.  I urge you to check out Luke’s post.  (It also includes some of the background as to what makes these micro-fictions work.)

As for me – it’s been a very long day with lots of hours spent on the computer. A great night, in other words, to doodle on a yellow pad and scribble out something very very short.  Here are a few of my attempts;  each is separate. 

I can imagine arranging each of these as poems – one can feel the line breaks in each.   But for now, they are just short short stories.  Even so, I am linking them to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night, hosted by Tashtoo!


DNA conclusive.  Thirty years too late.


Learning to land didn’t concern him.


Left all but clothes.  Rental furnished.


Life’s work lost.  Chance for enlightenment.


He didn’t mean it.  Life sentence.


Abstinence education.  They both skipped class.



p.s. several commenters have said Luke’s site has gotten infected with malware.  Agh.  Hopefully he’ll be able to get that fixed soon.   

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52 Comments on “Tired of Computer. Six-Word Stories.”

  1. PJF Sayers Says:

    These are great, karin. I love the last one especially. Now, to check out Luke’s site.


  2. Very dry and witty when you only have six words. How’s this?

    Inside the snowglobe. Only pretty upsidedown.

    (Ok, some jammed together. I cheated. )

  3. brian miller Says:

    learning to land did not concern him….what a packed stroy that…ha…i had fun writing a few of these myself…one i did not put at lukes…



    flips car.

    dang i really like hte life sentence one too…very cool k

  4. These are great. I liked the one about abstinence education- sums it up well. The hyper link failed to bring me to Luke’s site.

  5. Mary Says:

    Loved all of these. Yes, I am a fan of the ‘abstinence education’ one as well. Also the ‘DNA conclusive.’ (Happens way too often).

  6. Luke Prater Says:

    yeah, these are really good. Especially –

    DNA conclusive. Thirty years too late.

    Life’s work lost. Chance for enlightenment.


    He didn’t mean it. Life sentence.

    The ones that intrigue, have some mystery and give both some backstory and hint/give what happens next are the real crackers. You’re good at this

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha! Thanks for the inspiration. Your cold hands one really struck home for me. k.

      • Luke Prater Says:

        Thanks. Can you tell me which of these is most effective, if any?

        beaten body;
        doctor brings flowers.

        beaten, broken.
        Doctor makes entrance.

        beaten; doctor
        enters her life.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        I think the first works best for me. It’s most enigmatic – could be that doctor’s just a professional who feels bad. The second is a bit soap-operish – like staget directions. though clearer. I find the slash a bit clinical. So I like first. It could be the beginning of a story rather than summary. (The second could be quite interesting if you are telling a story as if in a script.) But the third very summary like.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        You could also try -“her body beaten,” instead of “her beaten body.” That is more open. Her beaten body sounds a little corpse like – and since you have some element of renewal going on – her body beaten may be interesting as brings in idea of spirit not beaten. But just a thought.

      • Luke Prater Says:

        the slash was an either/or (wasn’t sure which word to use)… thanks

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        I sent a bunch of comments that don’t seem to be showing up – so this one is later. Without the slash, I think I like the third one best then. And I would say woman I think not wife.

        Doctor with flowers one sounds like really badly beaten and perhaps by stranger, and the doctor sounds a bit psycho – what doctor brings flowers? I do think that could be a cool first line of an ongoing story though.

        Second one feels a bit soap operaish to me still.

        Third one without slash probably gets more directly at the story you are telling. I personally like woman beaten better than wife as more open ended. With wife, you feel like the next line should be “policeman enters her life!” With woman, one doesn’t immediately go to that thought. (that’s the way my mind works anyway.) k.

      • Luke Prater Says:

        The first infers no husband/boyfriend antagonist though…

    • Sabio Lantz Says:

      Luke, my chrome browser tells me your website has malware. Hope you can find out what is wrong — I won’t be opening it soon, though. Good luck

      • Luke Prater Says:

        Hi Sabio – I’m just sorting that out – thanks – Google have cleared it now – I changed servers on my web-host, I’m fairly certain they were hacked, not me. I’ll be doing the thing soonest


  7. The first one cracked me up. Many thanks. If that’s what you do when you’re tired, I can’t wait to read the result when you’re alert! 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  8. Those are really excellent! I was afraid to try this before … and now I’m really intimidated. 🙂

  9. This is such a great idea. I love pieces that, with the economy of language/words, can say so much. What a challenge, and a treat. I enjoyed your take on the six-word stories. I’d never heard of this before. Thank you for the introduction.

  10. Sabio Lantz Says:

    Best wishes with the poem seeds.
    My chrome browser tells me that Luke Prater’s website has malware. I won’t be opening it. You might want to let him know.

  11. oh heck…love your six word stories…the one with the DNA..ouch and the one with not bothering to learn how to land…ha..they make one think on

  12. Creativity ~a block of yellow trees with lead! Awesome post!

  13. Karin, these are great. I love the humor you infuse in these. The 6 word stories are very fun, I heard of them a while back but never did any myself, with yours and Luke’s I made sure to jot down a reminder to make sure I eventually get to some, which, knowing me will be a bunch lol Every one of these is very good.

  14. Miriam E. Says:

    karin, what a great idea! i am definitely going to check out luke’s site… this is fascinating.

    the last two stuck with me. great work.

  15. ManicDdaily Says:

    Several people have told me that Luke’s site http://www.lukeprater.com seems to be infected with malware. I have let him know. Thanks. k.

  16. Very interesting. So much meaning packed into so very words. I like it!

  17. oops… my few flew the coop. Guess I was trying to cut down on words. Hey there’s one right there: So much meaning, very few words. Give that man, a cigar butt. Ha! Don’t get me, started on something. No really stop, you’re killing me.

  18. I liked them all – brilliant work! Last one sticks with me.

  19. […] My life has had very little writing time of late, which leads me to… more six word stories!  (Inspired by Ernest Hemingway and Luke Prater.)  The idea is to tell a story in just six words.  I came up with a few the other day — here are a few more: […]

  20. ayala Says:

    Very cool. I used to post a six word Friday … Our host would give us on word and we would participate in sharing our vision . It was fun.

  21. terrific snippets, love these, and thanks for the link to Luke Prator 😉

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