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Night Feeding

January 25, 2015


Night Feeding

As the baby nursed,
fingers opened like petals bloomed,
coaxing the breast

as if a huge bee–the breast,
being all the baby knew while nursed,
her mother in flushed bloom.

If flesh were cloth, they would be loomed
as a single weave, the breast,
the fingers, the baby, mother, nursed,

the shuttle sighing, nursed back, forth,
the pattern resting its bloom
against night’s breast.


Here’s a tritina of sorts (like half a sestina) for Margaret Bednar’s Play It Again Sam on With Real Toads to return to a selected archived prompt.  I’ve used Kerry O’Connor’s prompt to write a flowery poem in an unflowery or uncliched way–this is rather flowery and rather a cliche, I’m afraid–but in writing it,  I was also thinking of Hedgewitch’s cascade prompt–a poem with repeating lines.  Repeating lines were too much for me, but this repeats words!

Essentially, I am saying that I cheated on both prompts, but since I use two–perhaps it adds up to one submission.  (The drawing like the poem is mine; I’m not much good at hands; still, all rights reserved.) 


Ground Zero Sight (In new “Freedom Tower”) – Tritina

August 30, 2012


Ground Zero Sight (In new “Freedom Tower”)

I walked where gaps in late rush hour led,
threading my way through shoulders crowding,
till random retinal rod looked up, saw

moon–not in sky, but in new tower’s glass–saw-
ing from rectangle to round as crowding
panels re-cut and perspective, led

by my tilt of head and careful crowding
steps, re-shaped; and, for once, the site did not saw
my chest in two– hewn norm since that morning of lead —

but led to wonder, crowding out (for moonrise moment) what–I saw.
Agh!  the last line was originally intended to run over into the next – but the runover would not be indented so settled for dash.  Also, original version of this post used “that” instead of “what” which I think was a bit more confusing than the “what.” 

The above is a “tritina”, a form of mini-sestina, that repeats in intersecting order the last words of the line. I am posting it for the dVerse Poets Pub “Form For All” challenge hosted today by the wonderful craftsman Samuel Peralta (a/k/a Semaphore).

The photo taken last night on my iPhone shows the new Freedom Tower being built at Ground Zero to replace the old World Trade Center. I was startled to see the reflection of the moon in the lower left hand corner – it’s that small round speck there. It shifted, of course, as I moved, especially given the right-angled glass panels.

The photo below is the view from the other side.

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