Fly Away, Blues!


Fly Away, Blues!

YIppee yahoo
and a side of skidoo,
send those blues
to iron shoe
the nearest old plug
with a griping flue–
and even if boiled down to glue,
they still won’t stick to my heart true
(that heart that loves you, only you)–

But if I find you’ve played me false
then even Strauss won’t make me waltz,
and all in me that flies like birds–
my bones as hollow as your words–
will drop to ground and down below
into darkest indigo.


A sing-songy ditty meant for Fireblossom’s prompt on free verse at With Real Toads.  The idea, when I started, was that the narrator would be free as a bird, but I could not write the poem down right away, and by the time I got back to it, the versifier somehow became more bound up.  

As always (unless specifically noted otherwise), all art–visual as well as word–on this blog is made by me, and all rights are retained.   (I only mention that because I kind of like that ladybug!) 

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26 Comments on “Fly Away, Blues!”

  1. Susan Says:

    This is not free verse, but it is FREE and gorgeous and it makes me happy! Have a great weekend.

  2. coalblack Says:

    As you know, I am partial to ladybugs! Yours is a cutie!

    I like your poem, k. My favorite lines were the last three of the first stanza. 🙂

  3. janehewey Says:

    I could easily skip rope to this! great, light and carefree write, karin.

  4. Sherry Marr Says:

    Lovely, both art and verse. Wonderful ladybug!

  5. Margaret Says:

    Hey — free verse isn’t supposed to rhyme! ha ha Wish I could rhyme without thinking about it, I’m just jealous. Very cute and I love the lady bug too.

  6. Charleen Says:

    Very fun poem. I loved reading it aloud. 🙂

  7. Deborah Says:

    evenn the Blue Danube would applaud !

  8. Since Free Verse is just that, it is really the choice of the writer as to how rhythm, rhyme and stanza divisions will be made. I think this is a fine example of such verse: the style is your own, and the sense of flying freely was expertly conveyed.

  9. Yes, fly away blues…love the feel in this one. Just makes me happy..

  10. This made my morning – Thank you!

  11. David King Says:

    Almost you make me feel I want to dance — and no on’es ever quite managed that!

  12. brian miller Says:

    ha. nice…lots of energy in this one…felt kinda like skipping or dancing in the sun…rather carefree….

  13. Mama Zen Says:

    I love “even Strauss won’t make me waltz!” So clever!

  14. hedgewitch Says:

    Just because it’s called ‘free’ doesn’t mean poetic devices can’t be employed, as others have pointed out–and I think you did the same thing I did, went with the word free as the essence of the piece, to wherever it would take you–very successfully, as this has the sense of a child skipping rope and making up the words as she goes along. I love the iron shoe, the flue, and the entire last stanza.

  15. “and all in me that flies like birds–
    my bones as hollow as your words–
    will drop to ground and down below
    into darkest indigo.”

    This is my favorite, favorite Karen!!! Great write and I can relate!

  16. Marian Says:

    love. this. LOVE. THIS. love it! and love, love that image! the ladybug is my power animal. er, power bug. 🙂

  17. Too short! 🙂 I wanted it to carry on. Beautiful ditty. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  18. Kim Nelson Says:

    You gave blue new personality and meaning here. I admire that original usage.

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