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Not Quite Piano Piano

May 25, 2016

New scan 12-10-10

Not Quite Piano Piano

We listen to Lang Lang who milks
(almost amusingly)
the pauses,
then go out to look
at Mars,
its brightness tipped with red
in the blue night.
A plane seems almost
to fly into it and you joke about seeing
Martians, your arm in the sling, recovering,
as tree frogs sing of Spring (almost
amusingly), and I wonder why it is
we do not make a hymn
to every single
given moment.

A draft draft incidental poem for Real Toads Open Platform.  Process notes: Lang Lang is a celebrated and very skilled pianist — a great showman.  Tree frogs are excessively loud, while the term piano refers to softness in volume.

The painting above is by my husband, Jason Martin, and was used in the cover of my poetry book, Going on Somewhere.   (This copy is a bit purply–sorry, Jay.)

Hope all well for all.