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A Time (Not-Paradelled)

August 3, 2014


A Time (Not-Paradelled)

Mourning doves marked time in those hours of rose.
Mourning, dove-marked, timed those hours in rows.
We listened as land listens to echoes, carefully.
(we listened as land listens to echoes carefully.)
Mourning time, we listened as echoes;
land listed, doves rose.

What else were we to do
with those carefully marked hours–



Here’s a sort of poem that’s not quite right for two challenges–With Real Toad’s 55 prompt by Fireblossom/Shay. (The piece IS 55 words–) And part of a sort-of Paradelle for Brian Miller’s prompt on dVerse Poets Pub.  This is a form made up as a kind of joke by Billy Collins–so a modification seems fine to me.  (I think the full form would work better in a humorous poem.) 

For some reason my picture got cut. Agh! All rights reserved as always.

Also I’ve edited the poem since posting a couple of times–Thanks!  k.