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“Resentment – the Terrible Spites”

September 25, 2012

Resentment  – The Terrible Spites

You can die by inches
as well as
feet. You can die even
by centimeters.
When you swallow
a sword, the trim blade’s
width can slice ribbed
gullet, currette deep
gorge, and spike all that climbs up
from that crooked choke
with bile.  Take care, take
care; if you would not fall/
gall/gash yourself again, you must learn
to digest cold steel.


Here’s a draft poem which is my very late (and rather grim) offering for dVerse Poets Pub’s Open Link Night, hosted by the wonderful Natasha Head.  I am also linking to Imperfect Prose (though it’s not prose) hosted by Emily Wierenga.  

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