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Guilty (Pleasure)

November 23, 2012

Guilty (Pleasure)

It started, I think, with my Lutheran baptism,
which damply paired pleasure with cataclysm
(though it’s not really part of the catechism),
guilt then clung to fun like reverse jism–
(something that gunks up motility
rather than serve its mobility)–
So, the label of sin deemed original
stuck to sweetness that wasn’t subliminal,
aping price tags enfuzzed on a peach,
or tar strips that bake on a beach,
and pleasure was coded with bars
safe only if you’d got to Mars–
Like the sword swallower learning to tilt
the throat that was drowning the hilt–
just so, I learned to down guilt,
as if my gullet had been built
for it.


A reading of the poem (if you are interested): 

I am posting the above draft poem very belatedly for Izzy Gruye’s Out of Standard prompt for With Real Toads about “guilty pleasures.” Coming from a Lutheran Scandinavian upbringing I’m afraid those two words are pretty much synonymous. I am also linking to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics prompt on “preparation,” hosted by the very prepared Mary Kling.  Self-denial of a sorts a key part of my training for life. 

“Resentment – the Terrible Spites”

September 25, 2012

Resentment  – The Terrible Spites

You can die by inches
as well as
feet. You can die even
by centimeters.
When you swallow
a sword, the trim blade’s
width can slice ribbed
gullet, currette deep
gorge, and spike all that climbs up
from that crooked choke
with bile.  Take care, take
care; if you would not fall/
gall/gash yourself again, you must learn
to digest cold steel.


Here’s a draft poem which is my very late (and rather grim) offering for dVerse Poets Pub’s Open Link Night, hosted by the wonderful Natasha Head.  I am also linking to Imperfect Prose (though it’s not prose) hosted by Emily Wierenga.  

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