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One Thing

June 26, 2013


One Thing

It is one thing to know that you will die someday;
quite another
to live with the consequences.

How is it done–going on? Knowing that you,
and all you know–but let’s just focus on the “you”–
maybe even call it “I”–the “i-You”–will, like any
device, any byte
of compressed data, some day, possibly today,
cease to function, then, to exist.

The answer–after taking a moment
to let the question sink in
along with the sun on your t-shirted belly,
the trilled interval of chirp overhead,
the soft bass of your partner’s chew to the side,
the clack of knife on his plate (more butter)–
and that always-palpable pain behind your eyes even
as they happen onto a sunflower propped
in a clouded jar–
comes first as another question: all gone?

And the answer: maybe.
But we are talking about just you–
you gone–

And the answer: he’s spiraling honey now
and letting it drip down
onto the toast, there,
from the gray knife’s edge.

Here’s a sort of draft poem, posted belatedly for dVerse Poets Open Link Night.

Also! Many many congratulations to all my dear gay friends and family members (and also to all those gay people I don’t know) re the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act. I wish you love, luck and all good things.