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Not Ready For the Year Now Past

December 29, 2014

Elephant Not Ready For Wake-Up Call


Not Ready For the Year Now Past

This was the year that now is past
though honestly it seemed to last
no longer than it took for me
to write its date down correctly
without a slash through errant three–
And I always thought my learning fast,

but faster still the year that’s been,
fast as a missile, fast as sin–
Tho’ that part’s nothing new, I guess–
the way each year becomes a mess
just as we vow to do [blank] less
in our last binge of [fill it in].

For we always start the New Year late–
If up, we trash the starting gate.
(I suppose I speak for just myself–
others may be New Year elfs–
while me, e’en as I drink to health,
I consign me to a sick head-ache. )

So, this year–this coming year, that is–
this year that sure would bring me bliss
if I could only live it as
a person not like me that was
but as a newbie who always does
just what I–(the me with wits)–

think she should do–exactly so–
for this I tell you, this, I trow–
if I could act as I advise,
my actions would be oh so wise
that Time would take another guise–
not going perhaps exactly slow

but allowing me to grasp its toe
so, I could hang on through its tow–
looking out to my side and to yours
and finding more than blurry blurs–
Instead I’m snagged by all life’s lures
that hook me to the status woe

(You say the Latin phrase goes quo
but I write only what I know–)


A poem for the end of 2014–posted on Open Link Night on With Real Toads.  This is also a poem in a new form I came up with–aabbba- not sure I like it so much–but was thinking of Kerry O’Connor’s new year’s prompt of  December 31, 2011  (as part of Margaret Bednar’s “play it again, Sam.” )