In the Night Kitchen (With Broom)


In the Night Kitchen (With Broom)

I sweep the kitchen floor nights,
light as dim as brain, and think
in the quiet swish
how lucky that it’s just detritus
(sweep sweep)
I rearrange,
the letters like me, myself–anyone–
swept so easily in the big
into weeps weeps weeps,
how wonderful
to be just

Here’s a one-day belated Friday Flash 55 posted for the G-Man. Tell him it got lost in the mail.  I am also linking this with dVerse Poets Pub Poetics prompt posted by Shanyn; the prompt deals with using a familiar phrase.  I’m not sure this is quite right for the prompt, but in my case, the phrase would be the title derived from the wonderful Maurice Sendak.

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23 Comments on “In the Night Kitchen (With Broom)”

  1. Love the weeping and wishing 🙂

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Nothing more soul cleansing than mindless labor towards order–not that I enjoy it indoors, but I do find it gratifying, absorbing, and safe, somehow, when I’m doing it in the garden. This has a very haunting feel to it, in the swishing and wishing and the sense of absence of purpose yet effort and will expended–looking for that rearrangement, that cleansing, that keeps things straight and whole. Really hard to believe it’s only 55 words, too–which is the best test of how much it carries. Just excellent, k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks. The combinations were ones I’d not thought of before. Sorry for all the long political commentary. You know we are truly on the same page. I just have to believe in some earnestness down there in D.C.–maybe because it is my hometown. k.

      • hedgewitch Says:

        No worries–mine is even longer, k–and I think we’re in the same chapter of the same book as well as same page–parts of us do believe on, that’s their function–in my case, the inner hippie refuses to die, maybe because so many people have tried so hard to kill it. ;_)

  3. G-Man Says:

    Lost in the mail…
    Karin, you know that you can do NO wrong in my eyes Baby..:-)
    your creativity every week just blows my mind
    Loved your sweeping 55
    Thank you for always putting together a visually superb post
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Mary Says:

    I like this. If only everything unwanted in life could be swished away as simply as with a broom, it would be quite nice!!

  5. claudia Says:

    nice… sweeping has something meditative… when i’m hovering in the house, i’m always so lost in thoughts that i’m sometimes not quite sure if i hovered this room already…

  6. brian miller Says:

    ha i can hear the broom a bit in your words…def dont mind to do a bit of the housework allowing my mind time to wander when i dont have to think about what i am doing…i rather like washing dishes personally…

  7. This touched me, it is cathartic and beautiful.

  8. shanyns Says:

    Totally cool…and I like it! 🙂

  9. Glenn Buttkus Says:

    Back in my grayest leaden-eyed days, as a blue collar wage slave, I had several assembly line jobs where one had to first nail down the chores with repetition, then zone out enriching the soul with loftier thoughts of poetry, film, dance–composing, planning, & all the while engaged in mindless, almost meditative labor; then I lucked out and became a special educator working with the blind, and found it a joy to focus all of me on the teaching.

  10. This gave me a lump in the throat, for whatever reason. It started with your image…there is something so centering about those tasks we have to do, if we allow them to teach us. Today I actually enjoyed doing laundry. We need those simple interludes in our crazy days.

  11. Sheila Says:

    there a sad softness to this, like getting lost in a daydream while being lulled by the repetitive sweeps. impressive in only 55 words too.

  12. markwindham Says:

    ah, because it is, after all, just dust

  13. Sweep and weep… that was very telling. never thought of it that way. Ironing shirts can work wonders sometimes for me…

  14. What a great metaphor for cleansing, achieving peace. I think we do feel calmer inside when our surroundings are orderly. I like folding clothes. Unique take on the prompt 🙂

  15. Debi Swim Says:

    sweeping away your cares. I do like the thought “how lucky that it’s just detritus (sweep sweep) I rearrange”, it can always be worse, huh?

  16. There’s a definite sadness to this but I love the idea of swishing and wishing.

  17. Even the simplist task is magic between your fingers. Well done. This strikes a chord. For me, it’s swishing dishwater.

  18. Sonorously sweet ~recalling Anne Lindberg’s book & the need for the simplicity of daily work’s fulfillment ~ Wonderful k! D

  19. janehewey Says:

    the textures in this one are intriguing, adding a percussion to the day to day. wonderful.

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