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Trying to Imprint Some

February 10, 2015


Trying to Imprint It Some

I simply
have nothing to say.
Experience doesn’t mark me
the way it used to.

The only imprint
of my day
are the ribs
of my sock tops, notching the perimeters
of my calves–

meaning that that they were high
socks–meaning that I must have trudged
out in the snow at some point–okay, that
I remember–the snow that socked
the land
so beautifully,
knitted cloud
to horizon, mountaintop to
field–I will not say in white
wool– long-sleeved the limbs
of trees, gloved their twigged

And I want–now that I’ve recovered them from
my sock-carved hieroglyphics–to save those trees
in my brain, those snow-fleshed trees,
but my mind is like the bath
I sit in,
growing cold too fast, and a little murky,
caching even less
than the skin of things;

when what I need
for a mind
is a lake, something bigger,

I know a lake; it holds upon
its glass whole skies; it holds within its depths
whole trunks–you can see it shine back
blue, even cloud, and where shine breaks,
you peer through water that clear, though green
as brine, shows silent racks
of branch and still-barked log, fallen
who knows when, washed since then–
trees you can skate on
in a freeze, swim over
in summer’s ease, careful never to
touch, or dare to–

Not like these ridged rims
I run
my hands over, hurrying
their fade as mind already
trickles ahead, away–bath draining.
Some light still caught though
as legs step out, in flashes,
wet, warm.


Ha.  Scribble, of sorts; or what I could.  (It seems very repetitive to me.)  For Real Toads Open Platform.  I did not get any good pictures of trees in this latest snow, but here is a pic taken from my Metro North train this morning of the Hudson River–the little turret is part of the ruins of a small castle that can usually be seen on an island in the  middle of water, called Bannerman’s Castle.  (Wrongly called by me Gillette’s Castle, when this post first went up.  Thanks for the correction to a very kind reader and one of my oldest and most admired–by me at least–friends.)