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April (15th)

April 10, 2014


April (15th)

For some, it’s formulaic rain;
for others, form-on-form-filled pain–
Ten-forties and ten-forty-ones–
fortified with deduct-ions.
Capital gains, if you are lucky–
“Carried interest,” if high-muck-mucky—
Statements, check stubs and receipts
never saved up nice and neat–
accounting hocus-pocuses
crowding out mere crocuses.
Oh, the Ides that harried Julius C.
pale before these Ides’ ‘Line b’.

Here’s a silly one for Mama Zen’s prompt on With Real Toads to write of April in 66 words or less. I think mine makes it if some hyphenated words are counted as one!

Process notes–April 15th is U.S. tax return due date. Ten-forty–1040–is the standard U.S. income tax return, a 1041 is a trust or estate income tax return. Capital gains are taxed at lower rates than ordinary income, the “carried interest” rules allow people who work in the investment area, like hedge fund dealers, to be taxed on their standard income at capital gains rates. (These rules are why, for example, Mitt Romney’s operative income tax rate was 13-14%.) The Ides of a month are its mid-point– a low point in March for Julius Caesar.