Certain Sounds in a Place of Mountains, Stream, Pond–

DSC00534 - Version 2

Certain Sounds in a Place of Mountains, Stream, Pond–

The murmur of a stream too far to be sure
we hear it,
the murmur of frogs exchanging night
in deep-throated gulps that would seem rude
if they were not frogs, all throat
but for eyes/legs–

the murmur of our own legs,
the murmur of the sheet that is
their night,
the murmur of stretch and fold, and the murmur
of knees meeting,
the caps of mine cupped
by the backs of yours,
or your caps cupped
by mine.

The murmur that is purple, truly mauve (neoned)
that is the shade sheets make of night
about our knees,
the murmur of sweat needing
to bead and sweat beading
and the murmur of the weave of those beads, the braiding
of limbs
and intention–

the murmur of your mouth, silent,
the murmur of mine, not,

the murmur we can hardly hear
for the thrummed beading,
the murmur of the heart’s throat beating,
the murmur of the cold night air

the murmur of eyes that know me, yet each time find me new,
the hush of mine not quite believing what you find,
the murmur of the heart that hushes
even as it does believe,
the murmur of the stream.



A poem of sorts written for Grace’s (everyday amazin‘) prompt on Real Toads to write something inspired by an Australian poet, Judith Wright.  I was thinking of Wright’s poem “Woman to Man,” but honestly, I feel like this could be Woman to Woman or Man to Man, so did not want to use that title.  

The pic is a photograph of a small watercolor piece made by my husband, Jason Martin, of a nearby stream with trout.

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19 Comments on “Certain Sounds in a Place of Mountains, Stream, Pond–”

  1. Steve King Says:

    This piece is so sensual and at the same instant, timeless…I especially admire the way the reflections and impressions of the natural world meld into the human experience. Kudos, too, to Mr. Martin for the fine artwork.

    Steve K.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much, Steve. My husband’s piece is really just in a shoe box and the painting is so beautiful. Hope all well and you are enjoying this beautiful weather. k.

      On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 9:04 PM, ManicDDaily wrote:


  2. hedgewitch Says:

    The soft sounds of this are almost visual–indeed, they and the visual elements of the poem seem one–beautiful, peaceful and liquid, one that is cool as it beads–a masterpiece of echo and repetition, and I am so glad I read it tonight when life is so frazzling–the feel of laying it down to enter this world of sounds and spirit is restful and also provocative, full of life. Really a favorite for me, K–and I love your accompanying art–it suits the Impressionistic sense of blur and murmur the poem creates.

  3. Grace Says:

    Goodness, this is a beautiful murmuring of love & devotion, understated in its simplicity yet passionate voice ~ Every murmuring line moved me specially this:

    the murmur of eyes that know me, yet each time find me new –

    This is your voice K, very well done ~ Love the title and pictures too ~

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thank you so much, Grace, and thanks for these wonderfully inspiring posts about the different poets–I especially like that so many are not American or British–I really know so little about the bigger world of poetry–not much about the American and British one either–but you know–thanks! k.

      On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 10:22 PM, ManicDDaily wrote:


  4. Mama Zen Says:

    This is exquisitely sensual, K. Love it.

  5. This is my favorite of yours, kiddo. Love all the repeated murmurings, and so tender the kneecaps cupped……..a lovely read!

  6. sensual and full of nicely aged love
    “the murmur of eyes that know me, yet each time find me new,
    the hush of mine not quite believing what you find”,

  7. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    There is nothing more intimate than two people lying together in sleep. The image speaks of our need for security in our most vulnerable hours. I could really relate to your descriptions.

  8. Sanaa Rizvi Says:

    The last stanza was my favorite 😀
    Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  9. Marian Says:

    This is fantastic, Karin. I just love it, most especially the murmur of knees. 🙂

  10. Wow.. I love how you focus on the softness, almost inaudible building of sensuality.. knees is such an original point of focus.. and that use of rhymes.. an exquisite piece of poetry.

  11. This is a poem that should be whispered in that special person’s ear… Beautiful murmur.

  12. x Says:

    So many sounds in the night it is so alive with life
    Like all the intimacy you are able to generate in the sounds k
    To be known and yet seen as new especially

  13. Love the visual/sounds in this piece. It is romantic. I agree with Magaly, it should be whispered into the ear of someone special.

  14. M Says:

    both sensual and sensuous – a treat ~

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