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Favorite Book (Poem) (With Elephants)

May 30, 2013

At The End of National Poetry Month

Favorite Book

The page was a palm
on heart’s forehead, a familiar bed,
sheet rumpled to my shape, spine
drawing a line
against the banged slam
of demand, flared inhalation
of expectation, the vacuum cleaner
that sucked up every crumb. The words,
like an animal that mothers the misplaced young,
kept me as their own.


Here’s a short poem written for a With Real Toads prompt by the stiletto-sharp Mama Zen about a safe place. The challenge required a poem, I think, of 53 words or less. (This qualifies without the title.) And guess what–with the title, it’s 55 – so I’d ask you to also tell the G-Man.

(I’m not sure that the pic really goes with the poem, but I like the pic.  Here’s another one – also not quite right for the poem but also one I kind of like.  As always, all rights reserved.)