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Not-a-child’s Poem for A Child

December 21, 2014


Not-a-Child’s-Poem For a Child

There are times when no matter your beliefs,
you pray.
These are the times when the life of a child
is at issue,
and you come back, like a child,
to a God who takes care of children,
who guards them and keeps them
through the long night that can be life at moments,
and you ask that God
to forgive you,
as if it was you caused some lapse
in the universe,
as if the universe would have gone smoothly
but for you,
as if you could barter
with the universe,
and you do barter
with the universe,
you know, for the child–this is how humans
and what persuades me
that, really, there is no conflict
between belief in evolution
and belief in God, both of them
taking us to the same place
when it actually matters,
to a place that holds
a child at its breast, that
understands the all
of a child.


A draft poem, linked to Real Toads